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Icona Solutions

Icona develops an advanced software solution, aesthetica, which enables companies to gain benefit from visualising the impact of manufacturing variation on the final perceived quality and fit/finish of manufactured products. Perceived quality is the impression of quality that a customer gets when they first encounter a new product and achieving a high level of perceived quality has become critical differentiator in today's competitive global market. Many of the world's leading companies, including Nissan, GM Opel, Fiat, Chrysler, Porsche and Bentley now use aesthetica to successfully manage and improve the perceived quality of their products.

The products and services offered by Icona are designed for use in the automotive, commercial vehicles, agritech and consumer products industries and are marketed and supported through a network of qualified resellers and engineering service providers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

aesthetica is a unique and innovative solution that is used throughout the digital product development process. It improves insight into product behaviour during assembly and improves perceived quality, while significantly increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of product development teams through the early identification of perceived quality issues.

Some of the benefits that aesthetica brings include:

  • Improved cross-functional collaboration
  • Earlier decisions, right first time
  • Reduced development and warranty costs
  • Reduced need for physical prototypes
  • Increased confidence and lower risk
  • Improved final build quality
  • Easy to use and implement

Icona Solutions is based in Manchester, United Kingdom, and grew out of a research programme at the University of Leeds. Its growth from product and service sales, since the first commercial sales in 2006, has been supported by a consortium of investors led by IP Group plc. Icona Solutions is members of the Dassault Systèmes CATIA CAA V5 program, Siemens JT Open program and a partner of RTT, Autodesk and BunkSpeed, developing solutions that form an integral part of the broader product lifecycle management (PLM) software environment.