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Today, customers and users of agricultural and construction vehicles expect their vehicles to not only deliver the features and the functionality that they need for their work but to do so with some style and comfort.

Alignment and variation issues with body and cabin components that result in cab rattle and knocking, component clashes, poor gap and flush conditions and generally low perceived quality are just not acceptable today.

aesthetica enables agritech and off-road vehicle manufacturers to address problems such as these, early in the product development process, so that they don't become a costly brand-threatening reality.

aesthetica provides development teams with capabilities that are far more comprehensive than those provided by existing, individual design visualisation and tolerance analysis tools. aesthetica enables you to run full Monte Carlo analysis, use existing GD&T, CAD, manufacturing process and material properties data and visualise the results on the 3D CAD model in real time as high quality 3D images and animations with HyperShot, Showcase or RTT DeltaGen.

Some of the benefits provided by aesthetica include the ability to:
  • Review the locator scheme and the impact of variation and deformation on exterior and interior components and assemblies.

  • Balance variation and stiffen parts prior to style freeze.

  • Improve the definition of part designs for suppliers.

  • Resolve problems and identify root cause solutions earlier.

  • Visualise gaps between and deformation of flexible panels.

  • Review different materials and component clashing.

  • Compare variations with the nominal digital models.

  • Identify issues that would otherwise go unfound until late in the development process.

  • Avoid unnecessary costs and save time through earlier decisions, right first time and fewer physical prototypes.

aesthetica provides solutions to the key design and engineering challenges faced by agritech and off-road vehicle manufacturers today. It drives innovation and collaboration to achieve tangible and measurable improvements in perceived quality.

Real, measurable benefits

aesthetica helps you cut development times through quicker decisions earlier in the development process, reduce costs through fewer physical prototypes and increase perceived quality.

The facts speak for themselves.

In a pilot project on one vehicle programme, a leading manufacturer of construction industry vehicles realised a 10 to 1 return in terms of cost avoidance and time savings. They found that using aesthetica lead to:
  • better utilisation of resources on problem areas,
  • cross functional commitment prior to the release of design data,
  • fewer physical prototypes,
  • decision reached in days not weeks.
The successful pilot project was followed by a full roll-out of aesthetica.

In another case, a major manufacturer of agricultural vehicles and equipment proved that fit and finish issues on an existing vehicle programme would have been predicted had aesthetica been used early in the digital design process. It would also have enabled faster decision-making, fewer physical prototypes, improved consistency and lower costs.